Increasingly, cinemas are key players in creating a sense of community, giving the public a place they believe […]

Michael Gubbins opened Day 2 with great positivity, “We believe our art form is relevant, we believe it […]

Wrapping up Day 1 was a new session, the idea for which was borrowed from our friends across […]

Over-saturation of the market, films with dwindling support from distributors, and the continual rise of the multiplex make […]

Joined by Lionello Cerri (CEO, Anteo and Producer, Lumière & Co, Italy), Heinrich-Georg Kloster (CEO, Yorck Kinogruppe, Germany) […]

“If you found the time to come to Bucharest to talk about cinema, it’s still alive,” Cristian Mungiu […]

This year, Europa Cinemas celebrates its 25th anniversary and Nico Simon, President of the network, began by giving […]

This year’s conference didn’t create a headline as its conclusion, Michael Gubbins said. “It’s a series of actions […]

Madeleine Probst, Vice President of Europa Cinemas, kicked off Day 3 of the Network Conference with an important […]

The final session on Day 2 brought together ideas and answers offered up in the morning’s split sessions. Enthusiastic […]